12 Devs in 12 Months: Aline DesRuisseaux

Even if our 15th anniversary is behind us, we still have a bunch of amazing employees that deserve to be known. That’s why we’re starting the second edition of 12 Devs in 12 Months. Until March 2021, you’ll get to meet 12 new talented and friendly members of our team.

This month, we’re introducing you to ALINE DESRUISSEAUX, Level Artist, who has been with us for 23 years.



Describe your job in a GIF.


What is your best memory Ubi?

Hum, among all the good memories this one calls to me: During a coffee break, I had the chance to have a very friendly conversation with the actor Michael Ironside.

What led you to the video game industry?

The pure chance of life. I finished my bachelor’s degree in graphic design in 1997, around the same time Ubisoft established in Montreal. I took a chance without knowing what to expect, and here I am!

What was the best project you worked on?

Ouf, with the number of projects I’ve been involved in, I tend to say “all”.
But I have a special place in my heart for “Assassin’s Creed – Odyssey” because of passion that the team members had throughout this project.

What do you like most about working from home? What do you like least?

I like to start my work day in my pajamas and with my hair “bedhead” style :P…
What I like the least: I miss studio life and my co-workers.

If you had any advice for someone who would like to do the same job as you, what would it be?

Follow your dream. Push your talent. Take the classes, put some of your own into it and go for it.

What passionate you outside of work?

Nature, fishing, alpine skiing, drawing, music.

What did work from home allowed you to discover about yourself?

I discovered that I’m able to stay organized and reliable in delivering the work. At first, I thought I would be all over the place and miserable with technology. But no, everything is going well. ????

What are you looking forward to the most about going back to the studio?

The Faro coffee. Not reeeeeaaalllllyyy! I can’t wait to see the “crew” again. Regain human contact with my colleagues.

What question would you ask the next #12devsen12month participant?

What job did you do before joining the video game industry?


Jobs Ubisoft Québec - Photo du Dossier de presse d'Ubisoft Québec.

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