St-Roch XP: We’ll be there!

There’s a strong love story going on between Ubisoft Québec and the Saint-Roch neighbourhood. Yep, no mistake, that’s really what we wanted to write… Love. True and pure! Our neighbourhood is inspiring us and defining us. Every day, our 500 employees take part in the neighbourhood’s life, the culture and the vibe. In 15 years of cohabitation we’ve come a long way. And take from us: it’s only the beginning!

But right now, you are probably wondering where we’re going with all this love talk. Why do we feel the need to suddenly express the love for our beautiful neighbourhood? It’s not a coincidence! This weekend is going to be the most festive block party around: St-Roch XP!

Forget about the traditional neighbourhood party! Organized by the 3E team (Festival d’été de Québec), St-Roch XP is a unique event that combines music, gastronomy, art and comedy! As we are in such awe of our neighbourhood, we have no better option than to participate in the celebrations!

For the occasion, the studio’s doors will be wide open on Saturday, September 14th to welcome four music bands who will be offering unique performances. Don’t miss Sunderloom (1:00 pm), Casual Rites (3:00 pm), Lockwell (5:30 pm) and Amen Deniro (7:30 pm) in UbiNord’s Atrium. Entrance will be next to the 559 rue Saint-Joseph, by the Nouvo parking door.

But wait, there’s more! The Loft Ubisoft will also be open and will be located right in the focal centre, on Church Saint-Roch’s square. Come visit us to relax, play our games or simply enjoy the shows taking place on the main stage!

Saint-Roch, we can’t wait to celebrate with you, and we are convinced that people from all over Quebec City will be there to celebrate with us.

It’s happening on September 13th and 14th. Don’t miss it!

Ubisoft Québec - St-Roch XP


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