Our Sebastien Are On A Mission To Share Their Passion

In Anne-Hebert School this morning, 25 children in M. Louis-Philippe’s fourth-grade class are really excited. They are about to work on a new project: Scratch. To achieve this new task, they can count on Mme Marjolaine’s help, a Kids Code Jeunesse’s instructor. On top of that, two guys from Ubisoft Quebec will be there to provide support, expand their knowledge and open their minds to the exciting world of programming.

Kids code jeunesse

When you are a programmer, it is quite difficult to explain to ten-year-old kids what your day job really is.

Sébastien Lapratte, BI Developer :

“For me, programming came into my life in a different way : I was curious to understand how two computers can talk to each other, how we can use different technologies together to interact, help us and learn new things.”

Sébastien Daigneault, Team Leader, 3D Programmer :

“I started coding when I was young, about 13 years old. I was creating small ships and make them move on my screen. I was already passionate by technologies and all new things. I’m still is.”


Kids code jeunesse

Time for some action: children want to code! For their teacher M. Louis-Philippe, this coding workshop is the perfect opportunity to inspire them :

“Today, they think it’s only about coding. However, what we are really teaching them is passion and perseverance. We are going far beyond computing or gaming. What they are doing today shows them their unlimited creative potential. They are also developing tons of essential skills: art, math, technical, science, communication, etc. All those skills will be precious in their future job.”

Kids code jeunesse

What about the impacts of our mentors and Kids Code Jeunesse in the end?

“It’s not always easy to inspire children with something complicated such as coding. Scratch is made especially for them. The basic idea behind it is to use puzzles to catch their attention and then, easily explain the basics of coding. Those workshops help them discover their true nature: you have the storyteller, who only wants to create movement and something realistic. You also have the creative one, who wants to create a beautiful world, a perfect environment regardless of the functionality. At the end, my job with Kids Code Jeunesse is to guide and to help. I am here to open doors. The only limit is their imagination!”

conclude Mme Marjolaine.

Kids code jeunesse

Thanks to our Sebastien for inspiring next generation of programmers!


Jobs Ubisoft Québec - Photo du Dossier de presse d'Ubisoft Québec.

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