Since its creation in 2005, Ubisoft Quebec’s studio and its employees have become involved in the community by prioritizing support for new generation and school retention. Ubisoft Québec wants to make a difference whether by volunteering to inspire young people and share expertise, donations or sponsorships. The Québec City region is full of interesting projects and the number of requests is very high. The Ubisoft Quebec team cannot possibly answer them all. The studio has written a policy to frame the selection and the management of the requests, while taking into account the strategic objectives and the organizational reality of the studio.


With this policy, Ubisoft Quebec City will be able to:

  • Give a decision-making and administrative framework to the Ubisoft Quebec City Communications team responsible for managing the sponsorship budget, while ensuring the application of transparency, rigor and equity principles;
  • Let every requesting organization know the selection criteria and the fields supported by the Ubisoft Quebec studio in an effort of transparency;
  • Allow the studio to clearly position its social advocacy and to make pertinent choices that will maximize benefits for Ubisoft Quebec City and requesting organizations;
  • Ensure that the sponsorships are integrated into the global communication strategy and contribute to Ubisoft Quebec City’s goals.


Ubisoft Quebec City’s employees are united to create outstanding worlds, but they are also united to make a difference in their communities by supporting the next generation and school retention.

* Ubisoft does not contribute to political parties, political movements, religious organizations or sports activities.


The applicant organization must:

  • Hold the sponsored event or organize it in the Quebec region.
  • Have a project aiming to support or to encourage the next generation or school retention.
  • Represent a group of individuals;
  • Be well-managed;
  • Not be affiliated with a sport, religious or a political cause.

The applicant organization must:

Events sponsored by Ubisoft Quebec City must:

  • Reflect the studio’s positioning and reflect the values and personality of the Ubisoft brand;
  • Give Ubisoft Quebec City significant exposure in accordance with an exchange plan whose value is at least the
    equivalent of the studio’s contribution;
  • Allow the promotion of Ubisoft Quebec City expertise, services and products;
  • Showcase Ubisoft to a significant number of people;
  • Contribute to the achievement of the studio’s business plan goals;
  • Contribute to the positive renown of the Ubisoft Quebec City studio;
  • Be part of an integrated communications approach, allowing Ubisoft Quebec City to profit from its association with the event.



The local level is favored in the selection of projects. This territory encompasses the region of Quebec. However, the studio does not exclude, in certain contexts, the possibility of investing in a project or event having a larger scope, provincial or national.


All sponsorship requests must be submitted in writing by filling out the Sponsorship Form available on our website at https://quebec.ubisoft.comen/involvement/. Once the form is filled and sent, the Ubisoft Quebec City Communications team will carry out a preliminary analysis and will express acceptance or rejection recommendations in accordance with this policy.

* Ubisoft reserves the right to refuse a request even if the organization fits the criteria. Due to the high number of requests, Ubisoft Quebec City has to do
a selection among eligible applications.


The sponsorship and donation process has 6 steps:

  1. Request reception: The Ubisoft Quebec City Communications Service is entirely responsible for treating sponsorship requests.
  2. Analyze and recommendation: If needed, the Communication Service contacts the organization to complete the information provided. After this first analyze the request is processed according to the decision-making process mentioned before.
  3. An acceptance or rejection response email is sent to the organization.
  4. Negotiation of agreement: for every sponsorship, an agreement must be written.
  5. Operation of a sponsorship: it could be: advertising, product and services promotion, public relations and media relations, or a combination of these actions.
  6. Impact assessment: Every Ubisoft Quebec City’s contribution must have an evaluation. For a sponsorship, Ubisoft Quebec City must obtain the sponsored organization’s activities report, and produce a review of the partnership. The Service must also analyze the relevance of renewing Ubisoft association with the requesting organization.

* Ubisoft reserves the right to change this policy at any time.